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American Ginseng

Many people hear of a herbal health supplement in the news or on the Internet and wonder if they should try it for themselves. American Ginseng is a very popular supplement and you may have heard about it already.

There are two types of ginseng like Korean and American. Which one should you take?

That depends on what type of person you are.

If you have a ruddy complexion and are always warm, even in the winter, you should not take Korean ginseng, as it is considered a "warming" ginseng. You would be better off taking American ginseng, as it is considered a "cooling" ginseng.

If you are always cold, then stick with Korean ginseng.

Besides the warming and cooling effect of the two ginsengs mentioned, you can expect similar results from both of them. They are both powerful adaptogens that will help protect your body and mind from stresses of all types. An adaptogen has a general strengthening and normalizing effect on a person. It brings your body and mind back into balance.

American ginseng's scientific name is "Panax quinquefolius". The name Panax is Greek and means "all healing".

Wild American ginseng is best, but due to over-harvesting, it is very rare and illegal to take without a special permit. Now, most American ginseng is grown under shade tents in Wisconsin. This seems the best state to grow it in.

When shopping for American ginseng, be sure to get roots that are at least four years old. If less than this, they will not be effective.

Besides being a top class adaptogen, this herb has many vitamins, like Vitamins A, B6 and C. It also is a good source of the mineral zinc. The most important component of ginseng are it's ginsenosides, and saponins. These are what gives this herb it's adaptogenic properties.

Ginseng fights mental and physical fatigue. It's very popular with Olympic athletes. It imparts great strength and stamina to anyone who consumes it regularly. It sharpens the mind and is the reason many college students take it during exams.

Besides these great benefits, American ginseng can be used to as a powerful antioxidant, regulate blood sugar, improve the working of the adrenal glands, treat depression, improve memory, lower bad cholesterol and much more.

There are several ways you can enjoy American ginseng. You can eat fresh roots, slice them and brew into tea or take it in dried powdered form inside capsules.

There are so many benefits from taking ginseng, why not give it a try and see how much better you feel.

American Ginseng Root
American Ginseng Root
While American ginseng is usually safe to consume. Pregnant or nursing women and children should never take any herbal supplement without first talking to their doctor. Also talk with your doctor before taking it if you have any health conditions or take prescription medicines. Thanks for reading: American Ginseng
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