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Ginseng tea

For thousands of years, all forms of tea have been utilized by people all over the world. Before the creation of teabags in the 1800s, varieties of herbs were soaked in hot water. Not only is tea tasty and satisfying to drink, it also has many health benefits.

The main reason why herbal tea is different from other teas is that it is not manufactured from real tea leaves. Black, green and white teas are specifically made from Camellia sinensis, which is a native tea plant in China. These teas have caffeine in them but decaffeinated options are also available.

Oftentimes, herbal teas do not contain caffeine. The ingredients in these teas which include leaves, fuirts, seeds and flowers hardly ever contains caffeine which makes the finished concoction naturally stimulant free.

Herbal teas have a lot of advantages to health. The extensive selection of available ingredients makes it a flexible and convenient form in obtaining the advantages of medicinal herbs. A number of teas liven up a person and others enable them to go to bed and sleep.

The use of ginger teas has been established for health conditions such as indigestion, arthritis, colic and even heart conditions. It is used for nausea which can be caused by motion sickness, being pregnant of having serious treatment modalities such as chemotherapy.

Chamomile is greatly considered as a soothing tea, but it can also give a lot of health benefits and medical uses. For anxiety, stress and sleeplessness, it acts as a fantastic soothing tea. Chamomile plant in other forms and ginger both have a lot of good effects to health. Chamomile tea has been used historically to treat upset stomachs and digestion pains. It serves as a good way to settle down children at bedtime because of it soothing and relaxing properties.

Teas with added Valerian are considered calming herbal teas. Valerian is a type of tea plant that is great for treating insomnia. If a stronger does of this all natural relaxant is needed, natural medicine shops sell extracts of Valerian. When taking it in a tea, persons with sleep problems with experience a pleasurable way to end to end the evening.

Herbal teas, being naturally caffeine free, can help with everything from physical aches and pains to mental stress and anxiety. Good examples include raspberry leaf tea that soothes menstrual cramps and a tea which has St. John's wart added to it reduces depression.

There are actually a lot of benefits one can get from drinking tea. One can be assured of a healthy body if tea is taken every after meals.
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