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Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba, commonly known as white fruit, also known as maidenhair tree. Have basically the same old dinosaurs can call each other brothers had. Because the ancient and magical, if the crown canopy, and pest-resistant, drought-resistant infertile, so the landscape of Beijing was selected species is taken for granted. Ginkgo ginkgo fruit pulp is called, in the pan and then fry waxy and fragrant, but also governance asthma, there are snacks, old Beijing, is called "fried ginkgo."

Ginkgo tall as longevity, and do not move insects, wood carving Buddhist statues used ginkgo, the most Jiangong Li is carved Buddha nails, light as though true, is still not broken do not crack without prejudice, so tailor around the Thousand Hands Buddha carved into a ginkgo. See the ancient Ginkgo biloba, the first thought, it is not a fan but a duck, so has its called "duck leaves." Whichever is less susceptible to insects and disease, and deportment Junya, who liked to ancient atmosphere of mutual gift of Ginkgo biloba, as Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales often appear to be pressure in the books, like the rose that the Loving favor. Xiu Song poetry once said: "The feather donated thousands of miles, the weight of its people, duck's legs are a hundred, Cheng-chun had it." Early autumn stroll, pick up some beautiful Ginkgo biloba complete, follow the example of the ancients as a gift for benefits rather than costs, subtle fragrance residues. Autumn thought the capital, the first impression is: brilliant. If you do not countless ginkgo, presumably it also can not start a brilliant. To eleven before and after the autumn winds blow, and that streets and alleys of the ginkgo tree, just as light as the brush of what has been lit. Bright green leaves trimmed with yellow edge, the whole body into a piece of yellow, the sun a photo, whole body beautiful, and then did not take advantage of the blue was a little waste of days, has been lively to the people gone.

Landmark Diaoyutai Ginkgo
Early in the morning, I have been wandering the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse lane outside the wall of the ginkgo, Ginkgo biloba is basically a piece of green wood, drying the leaves are where the sun has bordered the shallow Phnom Penh. Around the very quiet, I could easily clean up weeds and forest litter cleaners Aunt conversation. Aunt said, here Ginkgo biloba, the first plant in Beijing that batch, probably can be called a symbol of the Beijing Gingko. Nearly all large and small, yellow ginkgo trees, when walking in the Ginkgo forest, the front is a golden brown. That season, the autumn tour guests, romantic couples, holding a long lens of the "shoot-off" support from the drawing board to "draw off", have become a scene from the forest. Mother is also keen to show me the fruit of the ginkgo end to see that the tree good, garden trees are fruit, thick Zaza, hanging takes a grape-like, when there is said to receive ginkgo, that fruit may be worthless.

Tip: Diaoyutai State Guesthouse Welcome Road East wall where there is no parking, stopping only Sanlihe Ganjiakou or to walk or ride a bike. There are these two meals. Recommendation: 10 months when the leaves were all yellow in late, but is likely an autumn to returning to their roots out. Ginkgo tree fence, forest middle of a small door to enter, do not arbitrarily take over the tip of the fence. At the same time take proper care of the forest vegetation. Do not litter. Beijing is also famous for a long time here to enjoy the autumn ginkgo place, and every autumn attracted many people to go around taking pictures of the autumn tour. I'm here when it was midday hours, from the west gate into Tan Park, went straight to the Park District. Asking an old man sitting on the bench, he said, pointing to the east and see some yellowing in the leaves of trees it wants to. Ginkgo here, some seem more ancient than the Diaoyutai, said that some time in the building sites on the altar on the species.

Road not far from the trees planted, a couple are wearing white dress photo, sunny, Bicao such as silk, the more people smiled and talked Chende. This romantic feeling, surely will remember for life, right? Note: All yellow leaves probably in early November, but the autumn is now able to feel. There are many outside the West in the park eating places. Because it is in the park, enjoy it than the wall appears to calm some of the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. Ditan Park Tickets 2 yuan. Suggestion: find a park is not the time to book fairs or trade shows. See North ginkgo, I feel there is always different because the campus is located in the north, where the ginkgo is also contaminated with a little taste of the book.

Simon's two favorite great old trees, Peking University has become a symbol of autumn, once the leaves begin to turn yellow, there are numerous pictures of boys and girls in front of the tree, like the brilliant youth and ginkgo leaves. Weiminghu edge of the ginkgo tree is also sparse, but mostly young trees need to be patient from north to south turn on the lap. The golden leaves against the background of the famous "One Tower Lake map" and read the students the lake, or the whisper of the lover, is really more like than the picture card picture card. The depth if we go with the first bio-floor classroom building also has a small piece between the Ginkgo forest, because few people, so quiet, is a good place to chat and take pictures, but the most occasional, nothing should be said that in the sunset golden deep feeling under the eye. Li Huaiyu, North retired teachers working and living here for decades. West ginkgo tree in front of a total of four, but the back two total unnoticed. The first two trees is too old, too old to clear in the end no one can say what species of which who had dated, but is said to have 300 years of history, can never result, because it is hung.
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