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Turmeric Spice

Turmeric spice gives your curries, or rice for that matter, its lovely yellow glow. It is a great dye and was first used centuries ago for just that purpose. Today however apart from adding vibrancy and color to a meal this spice turmeric also brings with it the promise of good health.

With as little as 3 - 5g per day of spice turmeric you can be giving yourself protection from heart disease and mixed with cauliflower, men, you are also providing yourself with protection from prostate cancer.

Turmeric spice has been enjoyed by the Indian nation for over 2500 years and is used as Ayuervedic medicine for treating many conditions especially inflammation without the harsh side effects of Western medications.

Because it also has antiseptic properties it is very good in treating cuts and burns and is often used in skin preparations.

Spice turmeric is also used culturally in some areas of India for honeymoons to ward off bacteria.

In recent years Western scientists have become very interested in finding out what some of its properties are and why it is such a great protector against heart disease and other conditions and many studies that they have done have had very interesting results.

They have been able to isolate the specific reasons why, for instance, turmeric can stop the heart from enlarging thus stopping you from getting a heart attack and many other findings.

To gain complete peace of mind I have started taking turmeric daily as part of a specialized nutritional supplement as well as using a little to enhance the presentation and flavor of my cooking.

As well as turmeric spice the supplement I take has over 70 life enhancing ingredients including decaffeinated green tea extract, resveratrol, ginko biloba and many others.

It's a great way to give your body immense protection from the ravages of aging and enjoy optimal health.
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